Seattle Driver Hit Two Pedestrians On Purpose Last Year, Now Sentenced To 14 Years

Last year a guy near Seattle intentionally hit two pedestrians with his car because he wanted to get out of going to work, and now he’s been sentenced to jail time!

It’s the perfect “be careful what you wish for” scenario because now, by a judge’s decision, he’s out of work for 14 years…because he’ll be in jail!

After hitting two people, he thought he hit a third and thought about hitting another but believed it would be “a bit excessive.”

This dude really didn’t give a damn at the time because he told an officer at the scene he was looking forward to “spending a few years in a room.”

So it only took a year to come true but he finally got his wish!

Find the run down on how court went for himĀ here!

Source: King 5 News