When a naked man runs at you with a didgeridoo (long flute-looking thing), you stop what you’re doing. Especially if what you’re doing is robbing the naked man’s house!

Kym Abrook, a 52 year-old Australian, drove off a thief with a didgeridoo and his didgeridong out!

“I was out there in all me glory… I notice I run faster naked.”

Unfortunately, the news couldn’t broadcast “all me glory” When interviewed about the incident, Abrook reenacted the moment with pants on, thankfully.

He teaches Brazilian jiu-jitsu and says he could destroy you with a didgeridoo if he needs to. Although he didn’t get to whack the thief with his long stick, he did chase him down the street where the police got him.


Source: The Concourse (Deadspin)