It is safe to say Lorne Michaels and the success of Saturday Night Live cast members go hand in hand but for Chris Kattan, it apparently came at a price!

Chris Kattan, who appeared on SNL from 1996 to 2003, is now claiming Michaels pressured him to have sex with a director to save “A Night At The Roxbury”.

Director Amy Heckerling was attached to the movie at first and was driving Will Ferrell and Kattan home one day when after Ferrell was dropped off and Heckerling asked Kattan if they were going to have sex.

Kattan turned her down only to receive a call from an angry Michaels who said Heckerling did not want to do the movie anymore and without he, Paramount was out too!

According to Kattan, Michaels said, “Chris, I’m not saying you have to f**k her, but it wouldn’t hurt.”

Kattan and “A Night At The Roxbury” went on to be a success so what happened? Find out the rest of the story here!