It’s basically a rite of passage for celebrities to make courtside appearances for their favorite NBA teams; however, some celebs don’t know how to behave!

With the Toronto Raptors now now boasting a 3-2 lead in their playoff series against the Milwaukee Bucks, the cast of ‘Inside The NBA’ got talking about Drake!

Drake is known for sitting courtside, supporting the Raptors and kind of making a jerk out of himself!

This got Charles Barkley and the other guys talking about how it all would have been handled back in their day.

“What I would do, I would say ‘Kenny, do me a favor,” Barkley said. “Throw the ball out of bounds one time and I’ll knock the hell out of Drake.”

So, Drake better keep himself in check, otherwise Barkley may have to step in!

Source: Uproxx