This coach has recently gone viral for teaching his team how to be well-rounded, successful men on and off the field.

Every Monday, high school defensive line coach Steve Carter gets the gang together for “Manly Mondays” and teaches them important things they will use throughout their lives.

Carter has shown the young men how to jump a car, check your car’s oil, make handmade jewelry for a special Mother’s Day edition and the video that got him to go viral, how to change a tire!

The boys all really appreciate Carter taking the time to teach them about life off the field and Carter says he feels it is a calling for him.

“I’m pretty sure everybody wishes they had a coach and someone like him in their family,” one student athlete said. “To be able to teach them those things and to show that he cares and he wants you to be successful in not only football and life.”

We agree!

Source: WHNT 19