It is that time of the year for high school seniors to be moving on and taking that leap into the next chapter of their lives but not without leaving behind a bit of a mess for the administration!

WNEP brings us more pure gold when it comes to the whacky things that happens in NEPA with this story about how a senior prank resulted in the suspension of the principal, vice principal and senior class advisor!

Apparently the prank is a 40-year-old tradition and was supervised by the advisor but things got out of hand when a dozen chickens were let loose overnight, desks were flipped, vaseline was all over the door handles and more.

It all got a little too out of hand and now the three administrators have to attend a meeting to see if they will be allowed to return and the 16 students involved have to come back to the school every day before graduation to do school maintenance work.

We hope these three don’t get fired over something pretty harmless but also, vandalism is a thing people shouldn’t do so…

Source: WNEP