Klatch Coffee Roasters locations in the Bay Area and Southern California now hold the world record for “most expensive cup of coffee” after snatching up and splitting expensive, rare coffee.

The coffee shop’s locations will be splitting 10 pounds of the “super exclusive” Elida Geisha 803 coffee which costs, you guessed it, $803 per pound and over $1,000 when roasted!

It is apparently a pretty unique coffee coming from Panama that features “fruity notes” that evolve as the coffee cools, which makes it worth a latte money!

We guess if anywhere would have some crazy “boujee” coffee like this, it’d be California and Klatch employees agree!

“It’s the Oscars for coffee,” said co-owner Bo Thiara. “Just like wine, on a scale of up to 100 this coffee got the highest rating ever!”

We’ll have to take his word for it and just keep sipping on our sub-par office coffee!

Source: ABC 7 News