This dummy is 64 going on 12 years old because for some reason he felt the need to bring a laser pointer to an NFL game and point it at players on the field.

On January 20th during the NFL AFC championship game where the Patriots faced off against the Kansas City Chiefs, Dwyan Morgan thought he would point a green laser pointer at Tom Brady during the game.

He claims “too much beer” was the reason for the immaturity; however who just walks around with a laser pointer that big with no intentions to use it?

Morgan says he did not intend to hurt Brady but just wanted to “distract him.”

It didn’t work, though, Brady was un-phased, the Pats went on to win the Super Bowl and police actually caught Morgan and he faces either jail time or a $1,000 fine for “disturbing the peace.”

Now like a true child, Morgan is actually proud of himself and refuses to apologize to Brady…grow up, bud.