If you have not yet heard, Peter Mayhew passed away this past Tuesday and fans everywhere are mourning. 

As the original Chewbacca the Star Wars fanbase lost another icon.

The cause of death remains unknown, but he was 74, and played Chewbacca all the way through “The Force Awakens” when he had to sit it out because of health concerns. 

We are sure we are not the only sad ones, especially sad since tomorrow is “Star Wars Day” because of “May the Fourth Be With You”. 

Now get ready for all of us and everyone else to collectively let out in Chewbacca’s famous roar, originally created by sound designer Ben Burtt using recordings of bears, lions, badgers, seals, and a walrus, now just a bunch of unqualified dopes yelling.

Rest in peace, Peter, “may the force be with you”.