Brian May gave the Def Leppard Rock and Roll Hall of Fame speech recently and told the story of how Joe Elliot saved his life onstage.

Instead of sharing just a generic history of the band, May decided to talk about his personal relationship with them.

May first met the boys of Def Leppard back in 1981 when Queen was recording at the same studio in Munich.

Then in September of ’83, May went to see Def Leppard perform and they invited him to play with them at Pyromania! 

Brian May said the performance was pretty historical because “I almost lost my career and my life.”

They were warned to watch out for the pyrotechnics but May let himself get caught up in the moment and almost was toasted like a marshmallow if it wasn’t for Joe Elliot who got him to move at the last second.

We’re glad May made it out alive, congrats to Def Leppard!

Source: Rolling Stone