Timothy Seratt has not had the most “charmed” life but after winning $2 million from the Tennessee lottery, he couldn’t be happier!

After spending seven years in prison and getting out in 2013, Seratt wanted to turn his life around and now with a fat check in hand he can do that a bit easier now!

Taking home $1.3 million after taxes, Seratt says he plans to buy a house, pay off his mom’s house, take the kids to Disney and then invest the money to keep it going!

He assured everyone, though, he’s not going to let his riches get to his head!

“I might have a lot of money but I’m still a redneck,” he said. “I’ve always been a redneck. That ain’t never going to change.”

Keep on YEE YEE-ing on there, bud!

Source: WHNT 19