So apparently this is a thing? There is a website for expecting couples called Meal Train where they set up a profile then family and friends can coordinate dropping off meals once the baby arrives.

The website itself is a pretty great idea; however, this couple has been getting ridiculed over their high-maintenance requests.

We guess they’ve never heard “beggars can’t be choosers.”

Not only did this couple request specific, elaborate paleo meals, they also said they would leave a cooler in their yard for people to drop off food if the couple decides they would rather not interact with their kind friends.

We get dietary restrictions but this whole thing has stirred up quite a bit of controversy between us today!

All in all, Steve, if you and Annette have any requests like “Paleo breakfast egg muffins with thinly sliced cremini mushrooms, pork breakfast sausage and three tablespoons of melted and cooled ghee”…you’re getting pizza.

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