We all know the reason some of us celebrate Easter is not because a bunny once hid some eggs but this Ohio church youth pastor really wanted to get the message across.

Associate pastor Jaddeus Dempsey has come under fire and the church has him under a legal investigation and formal review over his Easter lesson that went too far.

Dempsey wanted to share the message about the crucifixion of Jesus with a bit of a reenactment and asked the students to spit on, slap and even cut him.

Of course it made kids uncomfortable, but not so uncomfortable they couldn’t get it on video and share it all over social media.

Parents heard and saw all of it and now they are pissed. 

The church recently shared an apology, investigations are still underway and the pastor is meeting with parents and students.

Maybe we should just stick to the bunny and the eggs story for a bit…

Source: WBNS / WTOP