You’ve heard of people being called “four-eyes” but have you ever heard of “four-eyebrows”? 

Yeah, neither did this woman until it happened to her!

Back in November, 47-year-old Jami Ledbetter went to get her eyebrows filled in with a microblading procedure!

For those who don’t keep up on the latest beauty trends, microblading is getting your eyebrows semi-permanently tattooed on to either make them appear at all or at least just appear more full!

Well, Ledbetter ended up leaving with some real full brows, a whole forehead of them!

She went in with two eyebrows and left with four!

It looked so bad a man stopped dating her over it!

Now countless hours and $1,000 later, the extra brows are invisible and she will think twice about tattooing her face in the future!

Source: ABC 7