Back in 2005 Amir Massihzadeh hit the lottery in Colorado and is now suing for the rest of the money he feels should be his.

Massihzadeh had to split the $4.8 million jackpot with two others but it has since been revealed the other two were part of a rigged conspiracy.

Apparently it all stems from the “ultimate 20th century inside job” involving the former Multi-State Lottery Association information security director Eddie Tipton.

Tipton is serving 25 years in prison and has agreed to pay back the rest of the money he swindled; however, Massihzadeh feels he is entitled to some of that cash!

Massihzadeh is suing for the $800,000 prize he won to be tripled, so he could receive the other two-thirds of the total prize he won, as well as 12 years of interest all coming to about $4 million total!

It’s not looking all-too promising for our friend Amir but good luck bud! Get that money!

Source: CBS Local Denver