An L.A. Board of Supervisor, Janice Hahn cut off Brad Pitt recently when his speaking timer expired while speaking for funding for th, Los Angeles County Museum of Art renovation.

He even acknowledges he knows he is out of time and she then jokes “it gives me great pain to say wrap it up, Mr. Pitt” then giggles and wiggles in her chair.

Now, Hahn is being called out for “reverse sexism” for her comments after the interaction in which she gushes about how the whole time she was thinking about how dreamy he is.

While we don’t blame her, if the roles were reversed and a male supervisor was saying the same about a woman, it would be inappropriate and we would all be up in arms.

Professionalism is professionalism, people! Get with it, it’s 2019, we respect each other now.

Source: Time