Not to give any skeezy Uber drivers who may be reading this any ideas but how is this the first time we are hearing about something like this!?

It is honestly such an easy scheme!

This Uber driver was arrested recently for burglarizing a home owned by a couple he had taken to the airport earlier!

He picked them up from their home, probably made typical awkward small-talk about what they are up to and then after dropping them off made his way back to pick up some of their stuff…by stealing.

Luckily an alarm went off, so he got scared and left to rob a different nearby house.

The couple who lived there had a doorbell cam, posted the video online, and cops arrested him the next day!

So, with recent news about sketchy Uber drivers, keep the various ride share safety tips in mind like maybe don’t get in right in front of your house and definitely don’t tell them how long you’ll be gone!

Source: KPIX