CNBC thought they had really cracked the code and are really going to save people money at restaurants but their big tip was to just…tip less.

Now, we already know tipping really opens a whole can of worms for this show so we will start with that we did not make this video, tip how you want, we are simply just sharing it with you.

They say instead of tipping on the total, tip the amount before the tax.

That means instead of tipping the pretty standard 20% on that subtotal, you use the pre-tax total.

Another trick is to double the sales tax.

Of course, that varies depending on where you are, but it’s usually somewhere between 6% and 9% which ends up being a 12% to 18% tip on the subtotal.

So, tip however you want. Unless you’re that jerk who just writes “get a better job” or something like that on the tip line…don’t do that.