We’re just going to warn you now if you are claustrophobic or shaky footage of a tight space filled with garbage triggers even the slightest anxiety, you are going to HATE this video!

So we will play it anyways because this story is nuts and this brave female officer is a bada**!

Police in Kentucky were searching for a missing woman recently when drug dogs found a furnished underground bunker hidden in the woods.

The officer down into it, and she found a 41-year-old guy with an outstanding warrant hiding under a mattress hiding in there behind a rebel flag.

She threatened to shoot him in the face, made the arrest, and her chest-cam got the whole thing on video.

We understand it’s just chest cam footage but holy moly is it hard to watch.

In relation to the missing woman case, it turns out he is related to her ex-boyfriend, and has a long rap sheet including, unsurprisingly, making and possessing meth.

Find the video and full story here