Two neighbors in Arkansas got drunk over the weekend, and decided to take turns shooting each other with a .22-caliber semi-automatic rifle but they did wear a bulletproof vest, they’re not total idiots right?

They just wanted to know how it felt, though we do think they are a little old to be experimenting with guns.

The guy who went first got shot once, but was mad about how much it hurt . . . so they switched the vest, he unloaded the clip and shot the other guy several times in the back.

Then they went to the hospital for bruises and got arrested.

According to the police report, the guys’ cover story was they got paid $200 to split between them to protect an “asset” and a gunfight broke out where they were shot multiple times.

It was a solid effort but one of the guys’ wives actually told the police the real story and the two looked like idiots and a judge gave the two men a no-contact order.

So, friends, the lesson here that we all already know better is to not get drunk and play with guns.

Source: 5 News