The GPS equivalent of Y2K is happening this Saturday, joke’s on them though because it’s already happened in our building!

If you have been paying attention the last couple days, you know the show has been weird because our internet and other things that make things function normally have crashed.

Well, apparently it is supposed to happen to GPS satellites all over the country!

So, GPS satellites are on a ten-digit code, which rolls over every 20 years or so and the last time it happened was 1999, but no one had GPS back then.

Now, 20 years later, this could potentially be a big deal…but probably not.

Basically if your GPS seems to send you all kinds of crazy, wrong ways, you’ll probably be on your own.

They do say unless you’re using an old GPS system, you’ll probably be okay.

It’s probably nothing but we will still jump on the bandwagon and fake freak everyone out because that’s what we do!

Source: CBS 5 SF Bay Area