Back in December, this guy went viral for assaulting a McDonald’s worker after a night of drinking but now, after 56 days in jail, he admits he is embarrassed and says “I was a drunken idiot.”

On the last night of 2018, Daniel Taylor was celebrating his 40th birthday at a resort next door to the McDonald’s and decided to get some fast food.

Let’s be real here, drunk McDonald’s is the best McDonald’s.

So, Taylor gets his food and wants a straw for his drink…naturally.

They were out of straws, he asked the employee for one and things escalated from there because “she made it personal” and eventually Taylor was removed from the restaurant and arrested for two counts of battery.

Now, he is sitting down with the cameras and sharing his side of things!

Though after, we are not entirely sure he had a good enough reason to fight a teenage girl. At least she kicked his a**!

Find the video at Bay News 9