Coming off their Friday night win, Houston Coach Kelvin Sampson had an important message about the NCAA Tournament when it comes to the families of the players.

We are all well aware of the spectacle that is March Madness and the money it brings in for the NCAA and other affiliated organizations, but Sampson says some should be used to help families come see their children play.

Sampson then shared the heartbreaking story of one of his players whose family drove to the tournament because they could not afford a flight and even asked to sleep on the floor of their son’s room because they could not get a hotel room.

Noting he is not adding to the debate of whether or not NCAA athletes should be compensated, Sampson simply said,  “I’m saying that when young men get to the NCAA Tournament, let’s find a way to get their parents and their brothers and sisters a plane ticket and a hotel room. I don’t think that’s asking too much.”

Despite the circumstance, it is really great to see a coach who cares so deeply for his players and their families.

Source: Uproxx