Talk about things that make you just go “oof”!

The other night on ESPN’s NBA studio show, Chauncey Billups decided to call out Paul Pierce about Isaiah Thomas!

A little backstory: a little over a year ago, Paul Pierce was playing for the Clippers and they were playing against the Boston Celtics, who Pierce played for for 15 seasons.

Playing against his old team on his jersey retirement night, Pierce sort of got a big head and actually requested the Celtics don’t play a tribute video to Isaiah Thomas that night!

Thomas, however, was a true gentleman and basically stepped out of the way to allow Pierce to make a three for his final play.

Fast-forward to now, Billups called him out on live TV for being, as Hot Wings put it, “a petty boner.”

It’s equal parts hilarious and awkward but Pierce defends it still saying, “That’s my night. If you don’t like it, oh well.”

Source: BroBible