If you have a phone, you know the struggle of those stupid, annoying robocalls!

It happens all the time, you block one number, another starts calling nonstop too but apparently now we can turn the tables and actually get some cash out of it!

Good Day Philadelphia did a segment on how you can scam these scammers using the laws on our side!

So these kinds of robocalls are actually illegal and with some help you can cite the laws they are breaking, get their information and use your newfound legal powers to get them to settle by giving you cash!

You can get a bunch of cash out of it but you have to be careful and know what you are doing so you do have to shell out $47 for the robocalls.cash kit but apparently it actually pays off!

Honestly it seems like a great idea but also way too much work. We’ll stick to the old routine of just staring at your phone until it stops ringing and say “eh, if it’s important enough they’ll leave a voicemail.”

Source: Fox 29