This guy seems like he’s be fun at parties…

Honestly he’s the type of guy to do lots of things just so he can brag about them later.

Now he is giving up consuming anything for Lent, except beer.

That’s right. He’s not going to eat or drink anything but beer.

Apparently though he is not doing it as a joke or to just get drunk and he’s more than happy to tell us his real reasons!

He’s an Army veteran who just happens to work at a craft brewery and was inspired by the monks of the 1600’s who only drank a specific beer called “liquid bread” for Lent.

Don’t worry about his health, though, he’ll still be drinking water and he reminds us he’s trained for countless marathons.

Just the picture of health right there…can’t wait to hear about how much better his cross fit training is with his “vegan lifestyle” he no doubt tells everyone about.

Source: News Channel 9