Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle David Irving announced he was quitting the NFL in a series of live videos on social media recently and his reasoning is interesting to say the least!

The 25-year-old defensive lineman has been no stranger to suspensions over substance abuse throughout his time in the league and has been a free agent awaiting for whichever team would take him on.

Sick of waiting and tired of the NFL’s presence intruding on his love of the game and his love of marijuana, Irving lit up a blunt and announced he is quitting in a series of social media stories!

He also compared his career going “up in smoke” to the struggles Colin Kapernick has faced with the NFL which we can’t really agree or disagree that the freedom to smoke weed is on the same level as protesting racial injustice but go on, sir. It’s not like he’s in the league anymore anyways!

Source: Yahoo! Sports