Somehow this human version of a penis plans to father 2,500 children all around the world and claims to have already fathered 100.

For some ungodly reason, women all over the world and now in Australia are allowing this creep “Joe Donor” to impregnate them and he is all about it!

He thinks his need to father children is an “art form” and even “helps” women as a sperm donor.

The 60 Minutes Australia reporter tries to let him know how dangerous what he is doing actually is and he is just pompous and narcissistic to no end.

As if the rest of this isn’t maddening enough he also says women will just die as old spinsters without children and will fall off the “evolutionary cliff” just in case you needed a shot at your ovaries today…

Read the full story of this jerk here or watch this talking foreskin for yourself!