It’s good to see Ja Rule out there living his life, free to live his life as a sub-par creative soul making crappy apps and equally crappy music and suffering no real consequences for his part in the dumpster Fyre Festival.

Anyways, recently it was 90’s night for the Milwaukee Bucks and so who better to have as the halftime performer than a 2000’s rapper?

Ja even acknowledges this point in the beginning of his horribly awkward performance saying his album did come out in ’99 so it works we guess…

Anyways the music was late so as he stands in front of the crowd chanting “are we reaaddyyyyyy!?” it is extremely embarrassing as absolutely nothing happens.

The best part isn’t even the awkward beginning, but he went over his time so as he is still performing, Bucks players came out to start their halftime warm ups!

It’s great to see not-so-great people have not-so-great things happen to them. We are satisfied.

Source: Rolling Stone