This guy probably should not be getting a tattoo…

Someone at a tattoo shop recently recorded this guy screaming while he was under the needle, much to everyone’s secondhand embarrassment.

We cannot stress this enough, he is actually SCREAMING. Not just an “OHHH OWWW” but like a bloody-murder-he’s-gonna-get-me, horror movie scream.

His girlfriend, who looks to have almost a whole sleeve on her arm, bless her heart man.

She just looks beyond embarrassed but she still holds his hand and tells him it’s really not that bad as he starts screaming her name, which is Monica in case you somehow don’t catch it by the end…if you’re deaf…

Hopefully the end justifies the means and he’s got a cool-ass tat to show off and tell people “yeah man it didn’t even hurt at all.”

But they’ll know the truth…we all will…especially Monica.