When you leave a bad review about a company or product, you typically expect some sort of response but what you don’t expect is to be personally attacked.

Vanessa here purchased a Pooch Patch, didn’t like it and returned it leaving a bad review for the company.

This is when the Pooch Patch president responded telling her she looked “chubs” in her profile picture, called her “chubby wubby” and at one point even called her “Fatty McFatFace.”

People have been leaving negative reviews of the company ever since and when news outlets reached out for comment their response left much to be desired.

“Hahahahahhha hahahahahahah,” they responded. “I’m dying. This is pure gold. Pure gold!…”

Now Pooch Patch claims they’ve already made reports to Jenny Craig but now we think it is time for them to be reported to someone a bit higher up.

Source: Boing Boing