This Fordham Law professor found his 30-year-old Apple IIe computer in his parents’ attic recently and what he found is pretty incredible!

Not only does the computer itself work just fine, but when John Pfaff put an old computer game in just for fun, it asked if he wanted to restore a saved game!

Pfaff must have played with this thing for hours just making discovery after discovery as we can see from this Twitter thread but the best part is a 1986 letter from his now late father.

“My dad passed away almost exactly a year ago,” Pfaff mentioned in his Tweet. “It’s amazing to come across something so ‘ordinary’ from him.”

It is definitely pretty crazy to see just how far technology has come in such a seemingly short time! Shout out to Professor Pfaff for taking us down tech memory lane!

Now if only we could find our old floppy disks…*shudders* or not.

Source: 6ABC