We can’t really say we were surprised to find out Alex Jones and Joe Rogan actually used to be good buddies. We also are not all-too surprised that, like how things always turn out with Alex Jones, they have waged war!

It’s not necessarily “war” on Rogan’s end but Jones is out here saying Rogan works for the CIA, works closely with George Soros and is a “little demon” and “leaking butthole.”

These two pretty extreme personalities have been at odds with each other, one of their main points of contempt being Jones’ opinion that Sandy Hook victims are “crisis actors.”

Jones is in the midst of a defamation lawsuit and Rogan was critical of the comments which apparently made Jones go even further off the deep end or made him think God is telling him to wage war.

Honestly, this is all just some messy, “crackpot beef” as Free Beer put it so here’s a video summarizing things a bit!

Source: The Concourse (Deadspin)