YouTuber Shane Dawson has made a “discovery” about Cuck E. Cheese’s pizzas that has us shook.

Dawson looked at photos online and realized when you order a pizza at the famous children’s destination and parent smackdown spot, the slices look incredibly mismatched as if it is made of uneaten leftover slices…*cue conspiracy music*

He and his team decided to try first hand and actually go to a Chuck E. Cheese and order a pizza.

The results were shocking.

Legally he could not confirm his findings as facts but now that the video has taken the internet by storm, Chuck E. Cheese has issued a denial on the matter.

If it is true, that’s disgusting, but on the other hand if you are expecting the highest-quality pizza from a place that uses giant, creepy animatronic creatures as entertainment that’s on you.

Besides, apparently good ol’ Chuck’s was actually meant to be known for its video games, not pizza…

Source: UpRoxx