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What Happened on the Show
Wednesday, February 7, 2018

1. Which animals would you pick to save your life?

2. Caller Rachel has some donut insight

3. The Museum of Failure

4. Justin has his own mouth issue like Joe’s mouth pimple

5. Did you have to do any home dental work? 

6. A couple’s cabin was stolen from their vacation property

7. FBHW Report - Some crazy stuff from the SpaceX launch yesterday 

8. Joe has turned into a crazy dog mom

9. FBHW Report - Nick Foles called the trick play, audio of him being cut last year

10. Stump the Show

11. Stump the Show

12. FBHW Report - Lizard in the lettuce, eating wormy Cheez-its

13. FBHW Report - Possible cancer vaccine, the world’s hairiest man

14. Waste Management streaker, your “it was worth it” moment, WHWT

15. Hindsight Financial, ripoff investments, what we learned today

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