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  • Excavators Play An Enormous Game Of Jenga (Video)
  • The Most Complicated Name Spelling Ever (Video)
  • Man Cuts Down Tree Directly Into Truck Bed (Video)
  • Toddler And Dog Send The Blues (Video)
  • Join Us At The 2015 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend To Benefit The A-T Children's Project
Wednesday, April 16, 2014
  • Phrases everyone hates
  • All dogs in Arizona have the same medical condition
  • Jammie spells his name
  • And much more.
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Excavators Play An Enormous Game Of Jenga (Video) 04/16/2014
Excavators Play An Enormous Game Of Jenga (Video)
Everyone loves a good game of Jenga.  It's always good entertainment at a party or with friends.  And there are numerous variations of the game that involve drinking and other things that really make it much more entertaining.

So if everyone loves Jenga, everyone will REALLY...
Woman Tells Incredible Jelly Bean Story (Video) 04/16/2014
Woman Tells Incredible Jelly Bean Story (Video)
It's not everyday that we hear an intriguing story about jelly beans.  But this woman has one to offer.  Granted, this isn't the entire story, but it doesn't really matter.  In the video below, she's telling the ending to her jelly bean tale, and it has a bit of a surprise ending.  Definitely...
Man Cuts Down Tree Directly Into Truck Bed (Video) 04/16/2014
Man Cuts Down Tree Directly Into Truck Bed (Video)
This is one of those videos that as soon as you start watching it, you know exactly what the outcome will be.  This guy is cutting down what's left of a pretty massive tree.  He wants to haul away the remainder of the tree trunk, but doesn't want to deal with the hassle of cutting it up into...
This Mustang Driver Doesn't Need 4 Wheels To Drive! (Video) 04/16/2014
This Mustang Driver Doesn't Need 4 Wheels To Drive! (Video)
How many wheels does your car have?  Probably 4, right?  Amateur!  This Mustang driver proves that 4 wheels are in no way necessary to cruise down the highway, not only keeping up with traffic, but even PASSING other cars!  Did he just not notice he had lost a wheel?  Did he...
More And More Dogs Are Getting High (Video) 04/16/2014
More And More Dogs Are Getting High (Video)
There's a growing problem in Arizona: dogs getting high.  Since legal medical marijuana dispensaries opened in Arizona back in 2012, veterinarians say that the number of instances of dogs consuming marijuana has escalated greatly.  One vet said that he has been treating about two dozen dogs...
The Most Complicated Name Spelling Ever (Video) 04/16/2014
The Most Complicated Name Spelling Ever (Video)
Typically, when people are interviewed for the news, they're asked to say their name and spell it out.  That way, when the news airs, they can flash your name up on the screen to identify you.  That info is all recorded, but obviously cut from the piece that airs on the news and presumably...
Candidates Interview For 'World's Toughest Job' (Video) 04/16/2014
Candidates Interview For 'World's Toughest Job' (Video)
The job market isn't so hot these days.  It's truly a sign of how bad things are when people willingly interview for what seems like the worst job ever.  Watch as these applicants are given the job description during interviews via webcam.  

The job requires you to be on call...
Confessions From The Fast Food Industry (Video) 04/15/2014
Confessions From The Fast Food Industry (Video)
There's an app out there called Whisper that lets users make confessions and tell secrets anonymously.  Everyone likes secrets, right?!  Wrong!  Secrets are great, but when fast food workers make confessions and tell us the things they do to our food before...
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