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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

1. Frank Caliendo interview

2. Girl sets home on fire because of Slenderman

3. Flashback - Vulva jewelry

4. Ebola has arrived, RV tips for Zane, CWTTAB

5. Joe’s hot dog freak out from yesterday, common core math is really dumb

6. Oozing hairball removed from teen’s stomach

7. FBHW Report - KC vs. Oakland, TBS spoofs Boom Goes the Dynamite

8. Top 10 movie catch phrases of all time Part 1

9. Top 10 movie catch phrases of all time Part 2

10. Woman gives homeless man her credit card

11. FBHW Report - CNN reporter fail, kid gets cast off, Michael Phelps gets DUI

12. Dad changes kid’s diaper on the table at Chipotle

13. Follow-up calls to the Chipotle story

14. The worst and best singles of the last decade, WHWT - Tetris Movie

15. Random smattering of stories, what we learned today

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