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1. Jimmy Pardo in studio Part 1

2. Jimmy Pardo in studio Part 2

3. Grown man eggs an old mans house

4. We’re live in Battle Creek!, scrotum botox is here, no intern today

5. Free Beer insulted by his kid, Hot Wings fussy about his iPad, parking ticket scam 

6. Diner lingo trivia

7. Awesome painting, FBHW Report - Dalai Lama/Trump, Galafanakis/Clinton

8. Name That Blank

9. More Diner lingo trivia!


11. FBHW Report - Mean tweets, Scottish guy in box, friendly giraffe

12. Student hacks network to change his grades

13. Free Beer’s neighborhood watch fear mongering, Paired With an Idiot

14. Paired With an Idiot, WHWT - Carpet in Cars

15. A bunch of random stories, what we learned today

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