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Today's Show

1. We give some listeners advice

2. Joe gave himself a concussion

3. A juke box prank gone wrong

4. Joe's injury and pathetic night at the movies

5. Free Beer tells us about his sad movie night

6. Tucker Carlson interviews a prison guard about O.J.’s junk, Free Beer’s fat weekend

7. FBHW Report - Phelps vs. Shark, first jingle ever, customer takes out a robber

8. Which show member are you most like?

9. A creepy clown hotel in Nevada is for sale

10. A Chicago Pokemon Go fest was riddled with technical problems

11. FBHW Report - Couple falls off car, Ice Cube sings, home run ball kid, sandwich fall

12. Justin failed once again at doing something that everyone else has done

13. Wisconsin company plans to microchip their employees

14. Did Free Beer’s wife overstep when helping Henry’s friend?, WHWT

15. A man lost his car for four days in Toronto, man celebrates 75 years with airline

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