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1. Fast food rankings

2. Mark Cuban is a crybaby

3. John Harbaugh tells how seriously Jim took a game of pickup basketball

4. CWTTAB, a funny email about Jeep fever and the coin

5. Jimbo needs some advice on a touchy situation

6. Students randomly draw their prom dates instead of asking people

7. FBHW Report - Wheel of Fortune fail, dog runs in race, a doctor’s STD rap

8. Do you have a death drawer at your house?

9. A mom is defending her GoFundMe she set up to take her kids to Disney World

10. Nail salon posts a sign announcing a price increase for overweight customers

11. FBHW Report - Toddler shoots out window, Scott Van Pelt rips on Tiger Woods’ hair

12. Janebo needs some sexy advice

13. Man breaks up a fight and teachers the kids fighting a lesson

14. Pittsburgh Pirates broadcasters get in a pissing match, WHWT - I Hate Both Sides

15. Chop and Steele prank the local news again, what we learned today

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