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1. Let the coin decide Part 1

2. Let the coin decide Part 2

3. What’s in your yard that makes everyone hate you?

4. Hot Wings refuses to go to sleep early, a stripper who eats pizza while dancing

5. Justin was using another word incorrectly

6. An off-duty police officer got fired after a brawl at a baby shower

7. FBHW Report - Southwest plane’s engine explodes, Barbara Bush dead at 92

8. Stump the Show

9. Stump the Show

10. Combs calls in to school us on Army songs, Fitz and Futz in the morning

11. Good job Candy Beard!, sock on toilet seats, Tony Hawk’s awkward encounters

12. Kid distracted by Fortnite, raccoons are high, Basil Marceaux is back!

13. Are we getting more kinky Part 1

14. Are we getting more kinky Part 2, WHWT - An Instagram Account for a Newborn

15. The proper sexting etiquette for a particular scenario, what we learned today

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