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Today's Show

1. What happened over the weekend that changed your life forever?

2. Free Beer pooped his pants

3. Joe fell off his bike in the slowest way possible

4. We’re live in Grand Rapids!, Christmas tree shortage, 

5. We take a trip to Miracle Court

6. A listener has a question about a massage

7. FBHW Report - Double amputee Marine runs 31 marathons, frog in the water glass

8. Name That Blank

9. Name That Blank leftovers

10. 21 jobs that will be normal in the future

11. Dumber Than The Show Trivia

12. FBHW Report - Giant spider in the car, brother doesn’t approve of sister’s boyfriend

13. Movie title porno game Part 1

14. Movie title porno game Part 2, WJT - Sexy Turkey

15. A few montages, net neutrality discussion, what we learned today

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