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1. Coyote Peterson gets stung by tarantula hawk

2. The Baddest Blank

3. Caller Logan caught his girl cheating on him

4. The internet broke on Friday, some new TV shows

5. Chicago woman fights off a rapist with a crowbar, drunk sports viewing

6. We send Joe on a field trip through the building

7. FBHW Report - Football tie, Gronk and 69, Cubs fan celebrates, Pippen sings

8. A new dating website for miserable people

9. Give us your miserable dating website resume Part 1

10. Give us your miserable dating website resume Part 2

11. FBHW Report - Tom Cruise on Top Gun, Bieber inspires, drunk home invasion

12. Homeless woman carrying a skull, automatic sunglasses, a chicken lawsuit

13. Who/What/Where

14. Cop breaks window to save wig, coworkers poisoned with window cleaner, WHWT 

15. A really derpy dog, what we learned today

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