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1. High school kids get pepper sprayed for extra credit

2. Do you eat these items strangely?

3. A man got paid in meth and the odd ways you’ve been paid

4. Joe excited about trivia, San Antonio sucks, the best way to deal with bad food

5. Coyote Peterson’s bee beard goes horribly wrong for him

6. The most popular porn being searched for right now

7. FBHW Report - Candidate body slams reporter, bag of dicks, bear charges hunter

8. A doctor performing liposuction in his pole barn is in trouble

9. A burrito shop closes after the owners were accused of cultural appropriation

10. A grown woman has never lost her baby teeth

11. Dumber Than The Show Trivia 

12. FBHW Report - James Hetfield on Chris Cornell, BBC show evacuates

13. A house was stuck in the middle of the road, a massive poppy plant bust

14. Drunk grandma gets in 2 accidents with kids in the car, WFBT

15. The signs that you’re about to get dumped, what we learned today

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