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Friday, January 30, 2015

1. Joe thinks doomsday preppers are crazy part 1

2. Joe thinks doomsday preppers are crazy part 2

3. Flashback - Addicted to video games

4. We’re in Phoenix again this morning, our big food trip yesterday

5. Idiot football player busted for the most obvious insurance fraud ever

6. Jeremy Staat interview

7. We talk to an old radio friend/enemy

8. Bob Golic joins us

9. A wrap-up of the hour

10. FBHW Report - Key and Peele bit, Super Bowl bets, Johnny Depp, Nancy Grace

11. Bill Romanowski interview

12. Solomon Wilcots interview

13. Craig Gass interview

14. More songs that sound really similar

15. Wrapping things up, how much poo during the Super Bowl, what we learned today

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