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1. The best action movies from this century

2. Are these cool or uncool?

3. The Ivy League of auction schools

4. Lots of hot talk about the NFL draft this weekend

5. A couple of ridiculous ‘would you rather’ scenarios

6. What is Libertarian tipping?

7. FBHW Report - Chris Pratt prank call, Watters/Ivanka, Johnny Depp’s spending

8. Radio clickbait Part 1

9. Radio clickbait Part 2

10. A man thinks that watching traffic is a new tourist attraction

11. Dumber Than The Show Trivia

12. FBHW Report - Lucky shirt, woman climbs to the top of a crane

13. Bunny dies on United flight, man kicked off flight for going to the bathroom

14. Funeral home fire caused by fat man, Alaska Blockbuster, WJT - Daddy05 Fall Out

15. Confessions of a necrophiliac, what we learned today

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