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1. How long can you be a house guest?

2. Cop gets pulled over going 107 MPH and doesn’t get a ticket

3. Do men get periods?

4. Smiling while talking, some SNL talk

5. Rolling Stone’s list of the 10 best TV shows of 2016

6. The twins got in their first actual fight last night

7. Assistants play ‘Truth or Drink’ about their celebrity bosses

8. FBHW Report - Spider vs. employee, word scramble, illegals voting

9. What Would You Do - Doritos edition, Impossible Google interview questions Part 1

10. Impossible Google interview questions Part 2

11. FBHW Report - Golfer’s skull fractured, Judge threatened, Justin’s jail stint

12. More about the guy who threatened the judge

13. A show round of Name That Blank

14. Paired With an Idiot 

15. Paired With an Idiot, what we learned today

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