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Thursday, July 30, 2015

1. Beloved Florida toll taker fired

2. 1,000 women surveyed about penis size

3. Flashback - Would you push the button?

4. Free Beer’s restless tonight, Theo checks in from the UK

5. Another idiot dies at a snake church

6. More foreign friends check in, bus driver fired for doing jello shots behind the wheel

7. FBHW Report - Robert Kraft speaks out, 31-year-old attacks mom, Kimmel on Trump

8. People are scamming the airlines to fly with their animals

9. Mets player traded mid game and cries on the field but doesn’t get traded

10. A listener’s photoshop, guy shoots down drone hovering over his back yard

11. Dumber Than Free Beer Trivia

12. Amy calls about paying it forward

13. 13 tips for women to make men fall in love with them

14. Cecil update, reporter videobombed, kid licks grease trap, WPJT - Good vs. Evil

15. Redneck shoots a raccoon on his roof, what we learned today

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