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The Sex Robots Are Coming In This British TV Trailer (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on November 28 2017
It's no secret sex robots are on the rise, and it's also no secret it's still weird as hell.

Now, British network Channel 4 will be airing a special on the sexy bots as part of their "Rise of the Robots" season. 

"The Sex Robots Are Coming" is a documentary following a company's attempt to make the fully-functioning sex robot. Also they talk to a lonely guy who is really excited to have one and also looks into the morality issues of the invention. 

In the trailer, one man who looks to be from the company says they are creating even more of a "bond between human and machine." 

Interesting? Sure, we guess. It's still weird. 

Tags:  interestingtelevisionweirdwtf
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