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In A Cops TV Show Throwback A Woman Asks Officer To Help Get Crack Money Back From A Prostitute (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on December 07 2017
Fort Worth Police Officer Antonio Maldonado II was probably having a fairly normal day, at least until a woman walks up to him hoping he can help her get a refund for some fake crack. 

The "victim" claimed she gave another woman $20 for crack rocks but ended up only getting plaster chunks in return. 

For some reason, the officer doesn't really question things more from what we can see before going to the other woman, AKA the phony crack dealer. 

The other woman said she was sitting on her porch when the first lady came up asking if they had anything to buy. The other woman claimed she told her "no" and so the crack lady left and came back about ten minutes later saying to give her money back. 

She denies selling the crack lady anything and makes sure the officer is aware, "I don't sell drugs, I'm a prostitute." 

Officer Maldonado then issues the crack lady a trespass warning and leaves the best neighborhood in Texas. 
Tags:  copsdrugsfunnywtf
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