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PSA: Do NOT Microwave A Hard-Boiled Egg (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on December 07 2017
These guys thought it would be a great idea to test out what happens when you microwave a hard-boiled egg and surprise, surprise, it doesn't end well! 

Why anyone would want a warm hard-boiled egg, we don't really know but luckily these guys were just trying it out for s***s and giggles. 

They put the egg in the microwave and surprisingly enough, it doesn't explode in the microwave but after is a different story! 

The bowl with the hot egg in it is taken out of the microwave and placed on the counter and one of the guys in the video decides to poke it with a fork. 

Almost instantaneously the egg explodes throwing shards everywhere! 

Luckily everyone was fine, they all had a good laugh, and the dog got to lick egg guts off the floor. 

So, unless you're a weirdo who enjoys hot hard-boiled eggs and explosions, we wouldn't suggest you put these in the microwave, but to each their own! 
Tags:  explosionfoodfunny
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