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We Answer Questions As 'The Babe' (VIP Video) 05/07/15
We Answer Questions As 'The Babe' (VIP Video)
When you think of this radio show, you probably think to yourself "Wow. Those are five relationship experts right there!"  And you would be right.

In today's VIP video, we flex our relationship muscles and answer questions submitted to BroBible...
Mistletoe Kissing Prank (Video) 12/14/12
Mistletoe Kissing Prank (Video)
Ah, the mistletoe. This age old way to suck face with unsuspecting victims has been making dreams come true for a really long time. Check out this awesome video of a fantastic mistletoe prank. Never has there been a more traditional way to completely f**k with people.
Our House Band Wayland Needs a New Ride (Video) 11/30/12
Our House Band Wayland Needs a New Ride (Video)
Our house band Wayland has been out on the road for over a year now, criss-crossing the country numerous times.  They're putting in the work it takes to make it in the music business, which is in no way glamorous.  They need your help, though.  Their...
Reporter Gets Shot at Twice?? (Video) 11/30/12
Reporter Gets Shot at Twice?? (Video)
Being a news reporter in the field can be a little dangerous. They report on things like fires, police stand offs, wars and a myriad of other dangerous scenarios. It's not a gig for the faint of heart. This lady is just trying to do her job and it seems as if she may be under fire.
When Butt Implants Go Wrong. Very Wrong. (Video) 11/29/12
When Butt Implants Go Wrong.  Very Wrong. (Video)
So I'm no expert on implants of any kind, but I'm pretty sure I know the basics.  A bag is filled with some kind of squishy solution, sealed up and then stuffed inside a body in a particular area.  Sure, there's plenty of grey area for me, but one thing I'm DEFINITELY...
Amazing Animorphic Illusions (Video) 11/29/12
Amazing Animorphic Illusions (Video)
Check out this uber amazing video of drawings that look seriously 3 dimensional. Warning.. you are gonna want to put a tarp down so the brain matter doesn't stain your carpet when your mind is blown.
Cat Videobombs Univision Weather Forecast (Video) 11/29/12
Cat Videobombs Univision Weather Forecast (Video)
Univision has one of the most watched channels on all of TV. They are extremely popular and should probably have some decent security. Whoever is in charge of keeping unwanted guests off the live television broadcast failed miserably here. Watch as a cat wanders into frame and steals the show.
Strangest Accident Scene Eyewitness Report Ever? (Video) 11/28/12
Strangest Accident Scene Eyewitness Report Ever? (Video)
Sometimes, words alone cannot accurately portray how strange something really is.  For instance, the title of this video was "Crazy Lady and the Vacuum Cleaner Man".  OK, no big deal.  I figured it would just be some woman being interviewed and sounding stupid.  But no!  She's...
Brat Teen Pepper Sprayed By Cop After Tantrum (Video) 11/28/12
Brat Teen Pepper Sprayed By Cop After Tantrum (Video)
This kid is the epitome of a spoiled brat.  From the little background that we get from his brother at the beginning of the video, we're able to gather that Steven is pissed at his mom because she wouldn't buy him the video game he wanted.  Steven then decides to go all Zane and break something...
Dogs Doing People Things = Great (Video) 11/28/12
Dogs Doing People Things = Great (Video)
It's no secret that we're suckers for awesome animal videos.  This one is probably my current favorite.  It is unclear how this tree was damaged (presumably a storm or something blew it over) but it was precariously close to falling down in the road and possibly injuring people.  The fire...
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