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We All Want This 'Robot' Called JIBO (Video) 07/21/14
We All Want This 'Robot' Called JIBO (Video)
In this day and age, we've all become pretty lazy.  We don't have time to take our own pictures, or look up recipes on our own or even turn the lights on by ourselves.  Enter JIBO, the world's first "family robot."  And when we say "robot", we're not talking about Paulie's robot from Rocky IV....
Robot Band Plays Motorhead's 'Ace Of Spaces' (Video) 07/01/14
Robot Band Plays Motorhead's 'Ace Of Spaces' (Video)
We're getting to a point where there's no need for true live music anymore!  We've seen videos of dead musicians performing in hologram form.  Most recently, Michael Jackson "performed"...
Creepy Robot With Artificial Intelligence Attempts Conversation (Video) 04/22/13
Creepy Robot With Artificial Intelligence Attempts Conversation (Video)
In this video, you will bear witness to the birth of Artificial Intelligence.  Hot Wings seems to think robots are going to take over and this robot may help that theory.  Now this robot, named Philip, may not be the smartest robot ever but the foundations have been laid for a world filled...
Robot Gymnast Nails The Landing (Video) 03/18/13
Robot Gymnast Nails The Landing (Video)
Gymnasts that make it to the Olympics are amazing.  They train for years for one big moment.  The Chinese scope out potentials and train flip machines since infancy.  It doesn't matter how long an athlete has trained.  They can't beat the robot!

Creepy Tightrope-Walking Robot is...Creepy (Video) 10/22/12
Creepy Tightrope-Walking Robot is...Creepy (Video)
We sure do love robots here on the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show.  As you probably know, there's been a long ongoing debate between Hot Wings and seemingly the rest of the world about the possibility of robots one day taking over the world.  We've talked about it numerous times.  We debated...
The Great Robot Debate Revisited! (Video) 09/11/12
The Great Robot Debate Revisited! (Video)
Well, here we go again. Another day, another video of a robot doing things we never thought a robot would be able to do.

Boston Dynamics, the company responsible for Cheetah Robot, has shared another one of their creations with...
Cheetah Robot Now Faster Than Usain Bolt (Video) 09/06/12
Cheetah Robot Now Faster Than Usain Bolt (Video)
A few months ago, we watched the video of Cheetah Robot, a "fast-running quadruped" that was being developed by the folks at Boston Dynamics. Brace yourself, kiddies, because Cheetah Robot is getting faster. With the latest tweaks, this Terminator-looking predator now reaches speeds of over 28MPH!...
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