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We All Know The New York Subway Is a Strange place, Here's some New Yorkers With Proof (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on October 23 2017
If you've ever been on the internet, you've definitely seen some sort of video or picture of something just so buck wild that happened on the subway.

Some may think it's really not that bad while others know the subway for the crazy things that happen. That's why Jimmy Kimmel sent his team out to ask actual New Yorkers the craziest things they've ever seen on the subway! 

The responses will either shock you or be exactly what you expect. 

One guy said he just sees a lot of rats, another said he sees a lot of nakedness and another said he's witnessed multiple people pee in a cup and leave it to spill over when the train stops. 

An older woman said she doesn't use the subway anymore but when she did it was completely normal to see men just whip it out and start pleasuring themselves. 

The subway is looking more and more like a lawless place where any kind of craziness is not only unpunished but just widely accepted as "eh, not surprised."
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