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Watch Shaq Attempt The 'One Chip Challenge' (Video)
Posted by Steve on November 07 2017
One of the latest viral trends sweeping the internet is the one chip challenge. It consists of people attempting to eat a super-hot chip that is made with insanely hot peppers. The thing is so hot that it comes in a pack of just one, because no one could possibly eat more than one.

This weekend, it was Shaq's turn for the one chip challenge, and he was convinced that he'd not only be able to handle the heat, but that he'd be able to do so without even making a face. He even made a $20 bet with Charles Barkley that he'd be fine. Well, he wasn't. He chomped down on the chip and tried to play it off, but it was obvious once he started coughing that the chip was wreaking havoc on the big man's insides. $20 to Barkley.

Check out the clip below!
Tags:  athletesfoodfunnystuntstelevisionviral
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