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Watch Out For The Truck Full Of...Cows? (Video)
Posted by Steve on December 19 2012
Watch Out For The Truck Full Of...Cows? (Video)
Mother Russia once again brings us some of the best from the world of dash cam footage.  Imagine this: You're crusin' down the road in your '87 Lada Samara when, all of a sudden, a truck coming the opposite way starts swerving and rolls over, releasing it's precious cargo all over the road.  No, it wasn't carrying a truckload of Shashlik or Vatrushka.  Nor a load of dirt and depression.  It was carrying cows.  Yes, a real-life truckload of bovines.

At first, I was a little scared to watch this video because I'm an animal lover and didn't want to see them get hurt.  But these things hopped right up like nothing had happened!  Besides, they're cows, so we all know what their eventual fait is anyway...
Tags:  russiaweird newswtf
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