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Ventura County, CA Used An Upbeat Song To Make Sure People Are Prepared For A Nuclear Attack (Video)
Posted by Steve on August 11 2017
What the hell?

Back in 2014, Ventura County, California came out with a series of PSAs about a variety of topics, but one in particular is getting a bunch of attention now.  It's titled "Noah's Ark" and it basically tells people what to do in the event of a nuclear attack...in upbeat, cheery song form!

At the beginning of the PSA, a man talks about how Ventura County has been working on a plan for nuclear attack preparedness since 2006.  It then transitions to a man walking down the street, who witnesses a massive explosion.  Not missing a beat, the man straps on a guitar and proceeds to teach us the do's and don'ts for a nuclear explosion.  It's so bizarre, but you need to watch it.  And be warned: the song is a bit of an earworm.
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