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Trailer Racing In Iowa (Video)
Posted by Steve on April 23 2014
Earlier this morning on the show, we talked about a photo that was posted online of a man double-fisting Miller Lite and maple syrup at a monster truck show in Nebraska.  That got us on the topic of how everyone is a little redneck in some way. 

We got an email from Chris in Iowa.  Chris introduced us to something we had never heard of before.  

"We call this trailer racing in Iowa. A lot of the fairs do it. It's similar to a demo derby but you go around a track and try to knock off the other competitor's trailers. That means you go a lot faster. Some tracks are in a figure 8. At these fairs they usually have lawn mower demo derbies, school bus races, and other demo derbies with dump trucks, firetrucks, and combines."

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