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8 Crazy Things Couples Didn't Know About Each Other Until They Got Married
11 Smells That Are Slowly Disappearing
Is 2016 The Worst Year In History?
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<p class="p1">4. Someone was trying to steal our cars in the parking lot</p> <p class="p1">5. Substitute teacher allowed to teach after sleeping with student</p>
<p class="p1">". Upskirting is now legal according to the Georgia courts</p> <p class="p1">". FBHW Report - Trump on Russians, Obama&rsquo;s birther joke, choir on flight</p>
<p class="p1">". Crazy things couples didn&rsquo;t know about each other before marriage Part 1</p> <pclass="p1">9. Crazy things couples didn&rsquo;t know about each other before marriage Part 2</p>
<p class="p1">10. Crazy things couples didn&rsquo;t know about each other before marriage Part 3</p> <pclass="p1">11. Dumber Than The Show Trivia&nbsp;</p> <p
class="p1">12. FBHW Report - Rapper shoots cheek, hot asphalt and bare feet</p> <pclass="p1">13. What is something you think everyone should know?</p> <p
class="p1">14. Man fights off carjackers with power washer, WJT - A story</p> <pclass="p1">15. Follow-up to What Joe Thinks, what we learned today</p>','#4c4c4c', 200)"; onmouseout="hideddrivetip()" class="linksWhiteStatic" href="/pg/jsp/charts/streamingAudioMaster.jsp;jsessionid=CB6E8D775D1E90C05BC92EEDCC7B0CD1?dispid=308&headerDest=L3BnL2pzcC9tZWRpYS9mbGFzaHdlbGNvbWUuanNwP3BpZD04MTI3MiZwbGF5bGlzdD10cnVlJmNo YXJ0dHlwZT1jaGFydHN0cmVhbWluZyZjaGFydElEPTMwOCZwbGF5bGlzdFNpemU9MTAw">Dumber Than The Show Trivia, 7/28
Wednesday, July 27, 2016</em’</strong’</p’ <p class="p2"’1. Pokemon pastor explains why Pokemon Go is bad</p> <p class="p1">2. Katie needs relationship advice</p> <p class="p1">3. The terrible ways your relationship started</p> <p class="p1">4. CWTTAB, peach Five Hour Energy not so good, Kirkland products, fat poker</p> <p class="p1">5. Replaying the airhorn on Justin&rsquo;s old show</p> <p class="p1">6. Greedy grandson evicts his grandparents from their home</p> <p class="p1">7. FBHW Report - DNC audio, Randy Quaid still crazy</p> <p class="p1">8. 11 smells that are slowly disappearing</p> <p class="p1">9. Free Beer had to ban a topic at his house yesterday</p> <p class="p1">10. The Fitz Show responds to the airhorn</p> <p class="p1">11. Disaster strikes a PA town when Dunkin Donuts burns down</p> <p class="p1">12. FBHW Report - Man apologizes for FHRIP, guy arrested on news, mom headbutt</p> <p class="p1">13. Woman claims sexual harassment by hibachi restaurant toy</p> <p class="p1">14. Fitz assault recap, Would you use technology to be smarter?, WHWT</p> <p class="p1">15. Asleep at a cricket match, man robs bank with a wolf mask, what we learned today</p>','#4c4c4c', 200)"; onmouseout="hideddrivetip()" class="linksWhiteStatic" href="/pg/jsp/charts/streamingAudioMaster.jsp;jsessionid=CB6E8D775D1E90C05BC92EEDCC7B0CD1?dispid=308&headerDest=L3BnL2pzcC9tZWRpYS9mbGFzaHdlbGNvbWUuanNwP3BpZD04MTA3MyZwbGF5bGlzdD10cnVlJmNo YXJ0dHlwZT1jaGFydHN0cmVhbWluZyZjaGFydElEPTMwOCZwbGF5bGlzdFNpemU9MTAw">Free Beer Word Scrambles Read By A Computer Voice
Dumber Than The Show Trivia, 7/21
Arsenio Hall Interview
Joe's 'I Think There's a Pokemon in Your House' Challenge
What Hot Wings Thinks
A Story
<strong><em>Friday, July 22, 2016</em></strong></p> <p class="p2">1. 17 slightly gross things that we all do Part 1</p> <p class="p1">2. 17 slightly gross things that we all do Part 2</p> <p class="p1">3. 6 talks every couple should have before marriage</p> <p class="p1">4. Justin&rsquo;s commentary from yesterday, the new law passed recently, Reddit hate</p> <p class="p1">5. 5 financial lies you&rsquo;re telling yourself part 1</p> <p class="p1">6. 5 financial lies you&rsquo;re telling yourself part 2</p> ’p class="p1">7. FBHW Report - Trump accepts Republican nomination, Jerry Falwell Jr.&rsquo;s sweet joke’/p>

8. Name That Blank

9. Seattle man finds a stranger living in his attic

10. A crazy infidelity letter made its rounds in a neighborhood

11. Carlo calls in with an update on his crazy firearms case

12. Ray Rice says he&rsquo;ll donate his salary to domestic violence charities if signed

13. Word scramble montage, Katie&rsquo;s call from yesterday

14. Whose relationship started out the worst and still worked out?, WHWT

15. One last disaster relationship starter email, what we learned today

','#4c4c4c', 200)"; onmouseout="hideddrivetip()" class="linksWhiteStatic" href="/pg/jsp/charts/streamingAudioMaster.jsp;jsessionid=CB6E8D775D1E90C05BC92EEDCC7B0CD1?dispid=307&headerDest=L3BnL2pzcC9tZWRpYS9mbGFzaHdlbGNvbWUuanNwP3BpZD04MTIzNCZwbGF5bGlzdD10cnVlJmNo YXJ0dHlwZT1jaGFydCZjaGFydElEPTMwNyZwbGF5bGlzdFNpemU9Mg==">Olympic Tweeting Restrictions
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