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This Guy Tried To Rob A Pharmacy But Got Knocked Out By A Boxing Champ (Video)
Posted by Steve on February 19 2016

25-year-old David West of Bradenton, Florida went to visit his girlfriend at work at a Walgreens pharmacy on Valentine's Day.  He asked if she wanted to grab lunch, and she said she wanted Subway...which would NOT have been a very romantic date.  Fortunately David got a chance to do something a lot more romantic just a few seconds later.

As they were talking, 26-year-old Anthony Nemeth jumped on to the counter and demanded all of the oxycodone.  He said he had a gun, and when he reached into his pants, David jumped into action.  It turns out that David is a boxer who's won two state titles.  And he immediately knocked Anthony out, then held him down until the cops got there.

David said, "I really wasn't trying to hurt anybody, I was just trying to do what was right.  I was protecting the one I love."  See?  That's way more romantic than Valentine's lunch at Subway!

Tags:  crimeinjuryjusticepolicerobberyweapons
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