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The Best Cricket Play You'll See All Day (Video)
Posted by Steve on February 06 2013
The Best Cricket Play You'll See All Day (Video)
As Americans, we're not really that familiar with some sports that are extremely popular in other parts of the world.  Take soccer for example.  It's got a global audience, but in this country, most people couldn't care less.  Then there's cricket.  I struggle to believe that anyone in the world likes this sport, but surprisingly, they do.  

If you're not familiar with cricket, it's the sport that kind of resembles baseball, except instead of a bat, they use something that looks like a boat oar.  I'm sure it's got some fancy name that I'm not aware of.  Check out the video below of a great catch during a recent cricket game (or match?).  I guess he robbed the batter (?) of a homerun (?).  Who knows what's really happening here.  For all I know, it's not even called a "catch". 
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